Physical & Health Education


Visual Arts

Middle School (MS) Physical Education courses will promote physical fitness, fundamental movement skills, and a lifelong appreciation for physical activity. Students will participate in various activities, including team sports, individual sports, and fitness exercises. They learn basic skills and techniques, rules, strategies, and teamwork through sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and flag football. Students will learn strength training to enhance their fitness. Health education will cover regular exercise, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Our students will develop positive attitudes towards physical activity, encourage an active lifestyle, and teach safety and sportsmanship principles. MS Physical Education aims to instill a love for physical activity, develop fundamental movement skills, and promote overall health and well-being.

Middle School (MS) Technology will merge creativity and technology to empower students in the digital age. Our hands-on courses will cover coding, robotics, graphic design, multimedia production, and web design. Students will learn programming language, build and program robots, create stunning graphics, develop multimedia projects, and design interactive websites. MS Technology will foster creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration will build our students’ digital literacy and problem-solving skills beyond the classroom.

Students will have a comprehensive exploration of visual arts throughout their middle school experience. Our visual arts courses aim to develop any students’ artistic abilities from introductory studies in sixth grade to advanced application by eighth grade. Art teachers will guide students through elemental composition, color theory, and perspective while emphasizing scholar collaboration. Students will unlock their inner artists and unleash their creative potential at Urban Collegiate Academy!