Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

We are a school dedicated to utilizing culturally responsive practices and strategies. As such, we look to ensure evidence of cultural responsiveness throughout our policies, practices, and procedures. Cultural responsiveness and identity affirmation recognize the importance of valuing and honoring students’ and families’ cultural references (or lived experiences) in all aspects of learning – without reducing academic or behavioral expectations. We also believe that our “beliefs” manifest themselves in our practices as educators; as such, we work to learn more about how biases affect our pedagogical approaches to avoid those pitfalls. This dedication goes beyond using diverse texts and celebrating cultural holidays (although both are important). Getting to know our students and families, the community’s cultural assets, and leveraging what the students learn are all critical to this work.  

We are determined to: 

  • create culturally responsive and identity-affirming spaces where we practice race consciousness, we are committed to celebrating the assets and values of cultures, and validate students’ lived experience;
  • use culturally responsive classroom management strategies that recognize our cultural lens and biases, are appropriate for our students, integrate restorative practices instead of exclusionary ones, and build a safe and supportive learning environment;
  • foster positive academic outcomes through rigor, exposure, and accountability to one’s learning;
  • cultivate student engagement through critical thinking and curiosity; and  
  • interrogate dominate ideologies and how they influence the spaces that we design for students